Monday Mojo: Lead the Way

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Lead the Way.

Last week, I posted about how exciting it is to be alive as a woman right now. About how we are in an exciting chapter of female history where we are, each of us, writing our own stories, finding our individual voices and making them heard. 

It got me thinking: how can we set a trend, make our mark and leave a legacy for future generations? So that when they look back on this chapter in our lives, they will speak proudly of what we achieved.  

Part of it will involve being authentic, remaining empowered and finding courage even amongst our vulnerability, to get in touch with what needs healing.  It will also require that we send a clear message – that we lead by example – that self-care is the key to being there for others. 

This week, set the intention to Lead the Way. Discover your passions, reconnect with the things that bring you joy, and find the energy to talk about something you have sat quietly with for a while. Discover the things that you truly care about, not just at home but in the world around you, and then talk to friends and family about why these things matter.  

Watch this Ted Talk to hear more about leaders and followers. 

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