Monday Mojo – Sing Your Song

How are you? It’s a genuine question. You might have seen that the Venerable Thích Nhat Hanh and the formidable Meatloaf passed away last week, both of them veritable rocks stars in their own way.

As I always do when someone famous dies, I share on social media how this can prompt fond memories, and we can find ourselves unexpectedly struck, even mourning at the news. It’s not “silly”, because all grief is valid.

Not surprisingly, the media were playing Meatloaf’s songs especially the iconic ones we all knew him for. Most of us have a song that resonates, or at the very least – like time travel – takes us to another time and place in our lives. You maybe even give an award winning performance in the car every time it comes on.

But how often do you let the world see your formidable spirit and shine like the (rock)star you are? 

Here’s some food for thought:
This week, maybe set the intention to Sing Your Song. Remember that your unique gifts are the reason you’re here in this world, and that there are people today who smile when they think of you. Your time, your sense of humour, your organisational skills – they all mean something to someone. Remind yourself periodically of what you bring to the table, and how grateful people can be to know you in your own true, authentic way. (This article might help).

Find ways this week, to shine like the star that you are. Whether it’s speaking up in a meeting or telling a family member what matters to you: treat the moment like a stage to give your best performance. You may even decide to literally sing whenever the mood takes you, or share your voice with (eg) a community choir. And by the way, if you worry that your “ordinariness” means you don’t have a place in the world, Brené Brown will tell you, that’s enough – your ordinariness can make you extraordinary in this world, so take off the armour and show up.

Most importantly, don’t ever feel like you have to fit in to stand out, to say yes when you mean no or to make yourself small to make others feel more comfortable. You could do anything for love, but don’t do that.

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