Monday Mojo – Say Your Truth

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without saying a word? (Not including when you’re asleep, obvs). 

I’m asking because I’m reading Fearne Cotton’s latest book (currently a fiver on Amazon). In it she talks about a surgery on her throat that meant she wasn’t allowed to speak for two weeks.

Unless you’ve been on a Buddhist retreat (which I don’t recommend unless you like being alone with your thoughts – a LOT) then most of us won’t go more than a few hours without saying something, even if it’s just shouting at the telly. 

But it got Fearne thinking about the reasons for her surgery, and what had made her throat sore. She wondered if she’d been “swallowing” what she really needed to say. Can you relate to that?

Here’s something that might help:
This week, set the intention to Speak Your Truth. This article explains the process starts with checking in with your intuition and recognise what your body is communicating. It might just be that you’re tired or thirsty, but your body is speaking with you all day – so what’s it trying to say? The article also explains that speaking your truth doesn’t have to mean that you say it out loud. You might write an email, card or letter – this can often help us speak more articulately – just wait an hour or more before hitting send if it’s something that will arrive straight away. Equally writing your truth in your journal can be just as liberating.

If you’re someone who worries about what other people think, then Simon Sinek explains why it can be so important to be the last one to speak. 1) It makes sure that everyone else feels heard and 2) it lets people know their opinion matters – and gives you time to formulate yours. See if you can sit on your hands for a while, until it’s your turn to say what needs to be said. If it helps, maybe role play with a friend or colleague.

Above all else, know that you have a right to be heard and a right to be here. Your voice matters. Every day.

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