Monday Mojo – Take Baby Steps

Monday Mojo – Feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Take Baby Steps

Last weekend I attended a wonderful local Mind, Body and Spirit Fair, where I was talking about Rest and Relaxation – in particular Dreams,  Healthy Sleep and promoting Serenity (a monthly evening gathering exclusively for busy Women in Milton Keynes). 

In my conversations with the people who stopped by to talk with me (mostly women) it struck me just how many are working so hard, trying to be all things to all people, and the desire to be able to rest without feeling like they should be doing something else. (This is what the Serenity classes and Rise are all about). 

It also became apparent just how many women (and it’s a lot) are rising, waking up to the realisation that outside of their day jobs (whether it’s working, caring for someone, raising a family or all of it) they have other important work to do. 

They know they have a calling. 

They know they have something BIG to do. But many felt either trapped or fearful of the “what if it goes wrong?”

It is scary making changes. In fact, the brain is hard-wired to keep you safe – so it actually ‘okays’ you not doing something you feel scared doing.    Those big leaps of faith into the unknown take a lot of positive mojo. 

Here’s a top tip:

This week, set the intention to Take Baby Steps. If you’ve got an idea for a new business venture, a change of career, a conversation that needs to be had or want to go back to college, whatever it is – start small. Do your research, and find out just how much you don’t know, so you can decide what you need to know (and then plan what you can do about it). 

If it’s going back to college, look online at what courses are available and how much you need. Speak to the college about what financial support is available. If it’s starting a business, make an appointment with the bank or look up websites which support business start-ups.  And if it’s having an awkward conversation, techniques like Mindful Communication can help. 

The same goes if things have been difficult lately, with any area of your life, take small steps towards your wellbeing. 

One step at a time. 

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May 1-7 is also Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week. For more information – click here

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