Monday Mojo – Empty the Box

First of all, Happy New Year. I hope the first few days have already brought you joy and comfort, and that you’ve been able to rest over the festive period.

As we find ourselves in the first week of January 2022, many people will be filled with hope and optimism that this year is going to be the one that brings them the life they want to live. I explained in my last Mojo that it might be time to Make It Happen; to think about what you might need to “manifest abundance” and to challenge any limiting beliefs. I know I would say this (because I wrote it) but it’s all good advice.

I wanted to add though, that to let in the life of your dreams, we do of course need to make space for it. Sometimes that means simply rescheduling (or cancelling things in) diaries. Other times though, it means re-evaluating our priorities.

Here’s what might help.

This week, maybe set the intention to Empty the Box. What are you holding onto, that it’s time to let go? It might not be people, it might be an ideology or a thought about yourself that’s not serving you well or holding you back from the life of your dreams. (I included last time this article about limiting beliefs that might help).

You could also spend time this week looking at how you organise your day – how much time do you spend on social media, or worrying about what might happen next? You can allow yourself worrying time (set aside 20 minutes, no more, each day to unpack your concerns) or talk it through with a friend or loved one. If it feels important to forgive someone (remembering that forgiveness isn’t mandatory – this article explains), then take steps to understand what forgiveness looks like for you.

Try not to be too rigid in what this year needs to look like, think of it as part of the journey rather than the destination. Above all though, consider that every moment is a fresh start. If you find yourself slipping back in to old habits, or taking three steps forward and two steps back, remember you’re still taking a step in the right direction. Progress is progress, not matter how slow.

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