Monday Mojo – Nourish It All

Did you enjoy a treat (or two) over the festive period? It’s funny isn’t it, how at certain times of the year we give ourselves permission to let loose and indulge. Same as on our birthday, we might afford ourselves the luxury of saying yes when we might otherwise say no (or vice versa).

These days we distinguish between physical and mental health, and for a long time I’ve agreed with this. We wouldn’t treat a broken leg for example, in the same way we’d treat a broken heart. Each requires its own approach to find what works (and what doesn’t).

It’s important though, as many Eastern traditions do, to recognise the connections between body and mind and how one can affect the other. Mental health is health. If you’ve had COVID for example, you’ll know there’s a period where as rubbish as you feel in your body, you can feel a bit fed up actually too. In the same way, if you have a lot of pressure, say at work, it can show up in your body as back pain or a headache. It pays to look at ourselves holistically – as one big picture, that’s all intertwined.

Here’s some food for thought:

This week, maybe set the intention to Nourish It All. As you begin the week ahead, make yourself a brew and pause for a while. Take in your surroundings, and just sit and be for a moment or two. Perhaps put a reminder in your phone to remember at least once a day to just pause and take in what’s happening. You might sit and read a magazine or tune into the sound of (eg) rain on your windowsill.

You could also ask yourself the following questions as you start each day:
• “What does my body need that I can give it right now?”
• “How can I feed myself thoughts that are kind and serve me well?” 
• “Who can I spend time with today, that feeds me with a sense of calm?”

More practically, you could also include in your schedule, a plan for your favourite meals and set aside time to enjoy cooking and eating them each day. (Here is an article that also offers “100 Ways to Slightly Improve Your Life Without Really Trying”).

Above all remember that you absolutely have a right to make yourself a priority. You can’t give people energy you don’t have, so make time to recharge as often as possible.

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