Monday Mojo – Customise Your Rest (plus How to Plan a Stay at Home Spa Day / Retreat)

How are you doing? It’s a genuine question, especially as we are now a week into official lockdown in the U.K.

Generally speaking, we seem to be adapting quite quickly.  (If you don’t feel that way yet, don’t worry – this beautiful image from Mellow Doodles  on Instagram might reassure you). 

As long as people have access to the internet, many can now work and socialise from a safe distance. You can have a dance class online with Anton Du Beke. Fitness classes with Joe Wicks. I’ve been offering resources to help via social media. You might even have a virtual “House Party” with your friends. (Here’s some internet safety tips if you know young people who use that last app).

It’s still good to maintain a balance though. Otherwise our time and attention can easily get dragged into all sorts of challenges. We can find ourselves taking on too much, especially when we see others struggling. We can feel the pressure to think more. Be more. Do more. And when things are difficult, it’s harder to unwind and sleep well.

So when we’re drawn towards technology in order to stay connected, it can be just as important to have some down-time when you can.

This week, maybe set the intention to Customise Your Rest. Whether you’re working from home, or a key worker in the community, make sure you give yourself time to switch off. Here is an article (via Prima) about how to create a “Stay at Home Spa Day”. You could tailor this to treat yourself to some rest and relaxation, whilst we’re all being encouraged to stay at home if we can. You could transform your bathroom into a treatment room offering yourself a manicure, foot soak or a safely improvised facial (some example in this video). You could create a place of sanctuary in your bedroom with relaxing spa music (on Spotify) in the background. If it’s more comfortable, you could take a look at this Self-Isolation Self-Care “Ta-Da!” List. Or you could just curl up with a book and a brew, and take five to yourself.

Links to any articles does not mean we endorse that website. Just that the content may be of interest.

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