Monday Mojo – Know Your Weather

What weather describes you right now? 

You might be feeling like:
a ray of sunshine
bit grey and patchy
or even cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

Whatever you feel in this moment is valid, and it matters.

Have you noticed though, that British people LOVE talking about the weather?  So much so I genuinely use this (and other analogies) in my therapeutic work. When someone is finding it hard to articulate how they’re feeling, they can sometimes explain it in different terms that make sense to them. For someone who loves music, I might ask them what instrument they are today. If they’re artistic, I might encourage them to think about a colour which best describes their mood. We also know that Small Talk Saves Lives.

I’m telling you this, because these types of references can help us understand ourselves better, what’s really going on with our feelings, and enables us to communicate them better with others. (It also has a lot of potential for children).

The positive message is also that weather changes. Just because you might be feeling gloomy right now, doesn’t mean it won’t be all blue skies tomorrow.  Remember that sunshine always follows the rain, and together they make beautiful rainbows. Whatever the outlook, take of yourself. This is your permission slip to practise self-care too.

This week, set the intention to Know Your Weather.  Get in touch with how you’re feeling over the next few days, and (if it’s difficult to describe) find an analogy that works for you.  Take the temperature of your feelings: is the pressure high or low? Then plan how you will take care of yourself, until whatever is in the atmosphere changes.

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