Monday Mojo – Say It Last

Have you ever walked away from a conversation and thought “I should have said that?” Or found yourself in a situation when someone else does all the talking?

Now, I would be the last person to tell you to be quiet; I’m always talking about raising your voice and speaking your truth.

But, in an article by Harvard Business Review, they identified one of the keys to being heard, believe it or not, is being silent. If someone is being a ‘chatter box’, but you stay quiet, eventually they will realise they’re dominating the conversation.

It doesnt mean you shouldnt speak. In fact, the article goes on to say that the best way to be heard, is to be the last to say anything.

Stress is also a funny thing. It disguises itself as lack of sleep and poor appetite for a start.

But it can also mean that when we want to say something, our mind goes blank and we go over and over what we wish we’d said.

This week, set the intention to Say It Last. Allow someone to talk (and talk), until they’ve finally said their piece. Stay silent and just let them carry on. Then take a deep breath, and think about the points you want to make. (If you can prepare in advance, even better). When you’re ready, say what needs to be said.

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