Self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness skills training in Milton Keynes


What is the difference between self-esteem and confidence?

You might think that self-esteem and confidence are the same thing.  In fact, they are subtly different.

Confidence is your belief in your ability to do something, so if you’ve done a job for a long time, you may feel confident that you can do it well.  Self-esteem is the value we place upon ourselves, our sense of worth and value; our right to contribute to conversations, and our right to be heard.  This means you can feel confident, but have low self-esteem.

What is assertiveness?

Many people say they think they’re being assertive, but come across angrily or upset.  Stating your opinion can be done in such a way that is calm and gentle, making your point without forcing it.  Assertiveness is being able to say what needs to be said but aiming for a positive outcome – not one that’s focused on who is right and who is wrong.

Often how assertive we are (or not) is linked to our self-esteem.  So if you have low self-esteem, you might find that you struggle to communicate what you want in a way that’s healthy and helpful.  You may also find your own needs aren’t met.

Why assertiveness matters?

Have you got an interview for the perfect job but always get stuck when it comes to describing how great you are?  Do you need to have a difficult conversation with someone who always manages to leave you feeling like you shouldn’t say anything at all?  Do you or someone you work with need to be more assertive?

If so, assertiveness training may help.  1-1 and group sessions available.  You can use the form below to get in touch.


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