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Forthcoming Events

Lightening Workshops – A lightning workshop is a quick way to impart helpful wisdom via webinar. These 60 minute “micro” sessions are ideal for busy people to fit learning in to their diary. It does mean the session pace moves quickly and this is why a helpful handout containing key messages is emailed after the event.

26th March 2021
10am to 11am – Stress Solutions

1pm to 2pm – Better Sleep and Dreams

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I have attended one of Delphi’s courses and she really knows her stuff. She talks in a way that really resonated with me, and she talks with such positivity, it is easy to take her advice on board. I found tips to use in life that really work and her weekly mojos are really useful and when I can, I hope to attend more of her courses.

Smile:)MK Community Learning

I currently deliver the following courses for Smile:)MK in Milton Keynes. These courses are currently being delivered online, during the Coronavirus outbreak. Content is suitable for people with mild to moderate mental health considerations. If you are experiencing the impact of trauma, or have more severe and enduring mental health considerations, please consult with your mental health team to check course suitability before enrolling.

  • Relaxation through Mindfulness (8 weeks) – an eight week introduction into mindfulness and how this way of life can boost relaxation and well-being
  • An Introduction to Sleep and Dreams (3 weeks) – a three week introduction to the subject of sleep and dreams
  • Stress and Anxiety Management (5 weeks) – a five week programme offering tips, insights and practical strategies for managing mental health effectively
  • Managing Anger (3 weeks) – a three week course exploring the ‘hidden’ causes of anger, and suggesting techniques to help manage challenging emotions
  • Building a Resilient Mindset (5 Weeks) – a five week course explaining what resilience really is, and how to find ways to cope in these uncertain times

For details of the above, including concessions, click on this link and select one of the course titles above to enrol. Enrolment may not yet be open, so please contact the organiser for the waiting list. Alternatively browse the brochure below – please note this contains other courses which are not delivered through this website.

Mindful Leadership Development – an eight week programme for employees who are ready to inspire and motivate teams, through mindfulness training. Click here for details or complete the form below for a quote. This course is available virtually via Zoom and Google Hangout.

Serenity Online – a virtual gathering for women, which includes a talk and guided meditation; hosted via Zoom. Click here for details or use the form below to express your interest.

Book a Speaker

If you’re hosting an event and would like a guest speaker to talk about mental health and wellbeing, get in touch

Did you know according to Time to Change, 95% of people feeling sick with stress, will phone in sick with another reason (like headaches or stomach upsets)? For training on mental health awareness, micro sessions like mindfulness for better sleep and self-care through Mindfulness, or grief awareness workshops get in touch. Sessions available via Zoom.

Topics include:

One of the best training sessions I’ve attended in years. Very well presented, Delphi is a natural!

Jane's Testimonial

Delphi’s calm manner and clear-speaking meant she connected with the audience and made us feel that we were able to ask questions without feeling conscious. We can’t wait for Delphi to return again.” Amanda Coles, President SSEWI

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