Monday Mojo – Move into Being

Do you find it easier to just ‘be’, or are you more Someone Who Does?

When we are in ‘Doing Mode’, it might seem like problems evaporate – at least for a while. The minute you get in to bed of course, thoughts might suddenly reappear, with intense feelings alongside them.

That’s not to say that ‘doing’ is bad; ‘Doing Mode’ can help us plan, organise and think about what needs to happen next. But sometimes, we need to make space for ‘Being Mode’ too. In his book, The Art of Being, Eric Fromm also raises the question of “to have or to be”. Whilst “having” can be a source of pleasure, it’s only one path to happiness if we don’t make time to “be”.

Here’s what might help:
This week, maybe make space to Move into Being. If you have a particularly hectic week, make sure you allow “Be Time” in your diary. As Fromm describes in his book, there are many ways to appreciate the present moment (e.g. through Mindfulness). The benefits of ‘Being Mode’ allow us to observe the present moment without getting caught up in judgement about how it ‘should’ be. Through curiosity of what ‘is’, we can boost our creativity and productivity, enabling more effective problem solving (if solutions are what’s most needed). Whilst ‘doing’ can be about trying to fix, ‘being’ also allows us to accept when we need to let certain things rest. Make space to find stillness as often as possible especially if your mind is going into overtime right now.

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