Monday Mojo – Ditch Perfect

How are you at deadlines?

Sometimes, one of the reasons we leave things until the last minute (i.e. we procrastinate) is because we want things to be “just right”.

The problem with perfectionism is that it can hold us back in many ways. As the video below explains, it can leave you feeling safe but also stuck and small. It can stop us moving forward. It can prevent us trying something new. It can mean we – and others – might miss out.

Here’s what might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Ditch Perfect. Try to pay attention to when you’re pushing yourself too far, and how you know when you’re buckling under your own pressure (Mindfulness may help). Next time you take on a project or an idea, be clear about where the lines are, so that you don’t get caught moving your own goalposts. Remember the bigger picture (often good enough is enough) and where you need to readjust your benchmark so that you give yourself enough space to enjoy what you’re doing. Write your Ta-dah list, then review with what’s important, and what can wait. Remember that perfection is subjective, so check in with someone if you think it’s getting the better of you, so that they can give you a (kind) reality check if you need one. And as this article explains, don’t confuse ruminating for problem solving, or try to go it alone.

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