Monday Mojo – Bring the Roar

Have you got a decision to make?

It’s generally quoted that we make somewhere in the region of 35,000 choices every day.
What to wear.
What to have for breakfast.
Whether to “like” something on social media (or not).
Some decisions are easier than others, whilst some require making our voices heard.

I’m often encouraging you, like last week, to push the button; to work out what’s stopping you, and take the leap – but at the same time advocate that sometimes it’s better to pause. I can see how this might feel conflicting, where on the one hand I’m saying go for it, and on the other I’m suggesting take a step back. Both are essentially possible, and of course it’s about getting the right balance.

Since the outbreak, hope has become active, not passive. We can’t just wish for things to be different anymore; as Gandhi famously said we have to be the change we wish to see in the world. If we want something better for ourselves or the world around us, we have to find ways to make it happen. Many people are feeling this on a wider scale, demanding change from those we consider “in charge”, including those we may once have revered.

We’re learning that now more than ever we need to demonstrate our moral courage, where no matter how unpopular it makes us, we focus on not who is right, but what is right. It’s not so much about strength or bravery, it’s about living our values authentically. It’s uncomfortable though, so how do we do this and take care of ourselves? How do we speak up for what’s right, whether it’s in our own lives or on a global scale, whilst making sure we don’t burn out?

Here’s something you could try:
This week, maybe set the intention to Bring the Roar. When there’s a decision to be made or something important to be said, the success is in the preparation. The first step is to take some time for Moral Imagination (the video below explores), to put ourselves in the shoes of the person we want to talk with, and consider how we might get the best from what we need to say. You don’t need to raise your voice to be heard, but equally you need the momentum and platform to say it. It might be that after reflection, you decide now is not the best time for something to be done or said. We don’t always have to have an opinion on something, especially if we come to realise we don’t know enough yet to act or comment. (It’s absolutely fine to tell people that by the way, when they ask you what you think). If it’s the decision you’re finding difficult, you could consider the 100% rule (this article explains); when you know there’s no room for movement, you might find making choices a lot easier.

If you decide to go for it, first prepare for the outcome you want, plan your response, and then anticipate how things might change. Then consider how to look after yourself both before and after you’ve said your piece with the R.O.A.R. Technique. As always, make sure you have some allies you can prepare with, and if you’re still not sure, go back to the ‘why’ of what you need and what is holding you back.

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