Monday Mojo – Rebuild Your Energy

What word would you use to describe this year so far?

I recently saw a post on Facebook that said “Dear 2020, this was not on my Vision Board”. Others were asking if they can have a refund, because this was not the year they signed up for. It makes perfect sense, if you’re feeling a bit cheated.

Most of us went in to 2020 – a new decade – with high hopes and aspirations. We set resolutions, developed compassionate goals and made plans. And within three months, everything changed. 

When the pandemic hit, we went in to “Urgent Response”; finding ways to help our communities, whilst keeping everyone we love safe, all while feeling a real level of uncertainty. Frankly, if your word for 2020 so far was “exhausting”. I’d completely understand. I said in a women’s group recently, I think we’re all really tired. And this becomes our familiar cycle: busy-ness then burnout.

In my new, three week pain management course, (starting September) I explain that we can fall into the trap of “Boom and Bust”. This is where we shift rapidly between doing too much, and then being wiped out. The key, is moving at a pace that’s right for you. 

This week, set the intention to Rebuild Your Energy. Start by working out what needs to be done, and prioritising. What do you need to do, and can it be broken down in to smaller steps? Maybe set yourself limits on how much you do on specific tasks each day, especially those that use up physical or mental energy. For example, you could do 20 minutes housework or replying to emails, and then allow yourself a break afterwards. Then start to think about what helps you jump-start your energy, when you need a bit of a boost. In her book, “Natural Highs‘, Mary Lambert describes activities like drinking a ‘get-up-and-go’ tea (like Lemon and Ginger), or having a sing to yourself at lunchtime. She recommends everything from hugging trees, giving yourself a hand or head massage, or repeating a calming mantra. See if you can create a self-care calendar, that incorporates energy boosters in to your day, all the while remembering that you don’t have to ‘do’ life all at once. It’s ok to pace yourself, and take one step at a time.

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