Monday Mojo – Navigate the Change

How do you cope with uncertainty?

It’s fair to say, there’s been a lot of it lately. Whether you’re keeping up with the news or not, on some level many of us are starting to wonder what the future holds. Sometimes with healthy curiosity; in some cases tinged with panic. In any event, it can leave us feeling off-balance. 

Uncertainty isn’t always about something on a national, or international scale – it can be much closer to home. It can look like a lot of things:
knowing what’s happening with work, or a relationship;
questioning the value of a friendship;
deciding if you’ve got the right deal on a mortgage;
or just what shape the week ahead will take.  

Fear can keep us in our comfort zones, which makes change we didn’t ask for even harder to handle. 

As human beings, it’s important to feel in control, particularly when change is coming.  Whether it’s change you asked for, or something you didn’t plan, knowing how to find your way through uncertainty can make the difference to coping or not. 

This week, set then intention to Navigate the Change. Prepare as best as possible by controlling what you can, and deciding what’s out of your hands. Reach out to friends or professionals if uncertainty is creating unhealthy anxiety. Recognise the strength you’ve already shown by coping with the uncertainty you’ve experienced in life, and draw on those skills when you need them. And above all remember your breath can literally bring you back to centre, so breathe through anything that leaves you feeling unsettled. 

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