Monday Mojo – Feed Your Soul

When you’ve had a hard day, how do you take care of yourself?

The world feels more intense when things aren’t going our way. If someone’s been unkind, or we feel we fell short in some way, it can knock the wind right out of our sails.  Even on the days when you feel you’ve done your best, somehow it can feel like it still wasn’t good enough. 

When the world challenges us, we might stop doing things we know are good for us – like eating lunch; it falls by the wayside.  
Becaude we forget. 
Because it’s a chore.
Because we don’t have time.
And we might resort to other ways – like reaching for the Jaffa Cakes – just because.  Then we feel bad for that too. 

It’s on days like this we can turn our attention to things that, rather than bring us down, can reach down inside and lift us up.  It’s not always about food, it might be something that nourishes you in a different way. 

This week, set the intention to Feed Your Soul. It might be that you rediscover a favourite meal, and enjoy preparing and making it for yourself. Perhaps you can  reconnect with a hobby that you’ve had to put on hold, that lights a bit of sparkle inside of you. Or even get in touch with a friend, and watch something on Netflix together. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Replenish from the inside out with things that can help you feel warm and brighter again. Because you deserve this.

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