Available to Buy – Guided meditations and relaxation resources packs

If, like a lot of people, you find it hard to rest or unwind, you might be wondering how you can fit rest and relaxation in to your busy schedule.

We know that mindfulness is a positive way of life which has been proven to help people manage their mood and improve their sleep.  But if you’re finding it difficult to get to a class or workshop then you might like my guided meditations and resources packs available as digital downloads.

Available to BuyJust visit my online shop to find out more about the different packs, including the Mindfulness Starter Kit and the Self-Care Toolkit, as well as guided meditations available as individual recordings – introductory prices starting from just 50p!

Resources are subject to availability and terms and conditions apply; please see the relevant pages for more details.

Take a look.

What people say about my relaxation classes:

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What people say about Monday Mojo™:

When I see an email I think “ooooh” and open it with pleasure.

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