Monday Mojo – Curate Your Comfort

What brings you that warm, contented feeling?

Before we signed up to adulting, and then a raging pandemic hit, there might have been any number of things that brought a sense of comfort.

Snuggling under a blanket. 
A favourite meal.
Reading a beloved book.

When life gets a bit weird though, as it has been lately, engaging in intelligent self-care might have gone out the window, whilst we rush around making sure everyone else is ok.  We can miss out on those “home comforts” that might actually be what we need. 

Psychotherapist Owen O’Kane, featured in this month’s Psychologies magazine, says the route to comfort starts with hope. He explains “hope boosts your mood and you actually change your brain chemistry, so you feel lighter and more optimistic.” This might mean starting plans that feel do-able, including making space for yourself. 

Here’s some more ideas which might help:

This week, maybe set the intention to Curate Your Comfort. The Danish concept of Hygge is all about cosiness and well-being. It could be anything from lighting a scented candle to enjoying a pot of tea. Reading good books has also been proven to help, and your doctor can even recommend some on prescription (bibliotherapy).

O’Kane also recommends ‘Giving Yourself 10’ which means taking time out every day to help your brain reset and recharge. This can include being kind to your mind, and managing that nagging self-talk. If the words ‘self-care’ give you the heebie-jeebies, think of it as self-nourishment. Maybe ask yourself the question “what will it cost me if I don’t take care of myself?” and then think about the type of comfort you need. Is it listening to a podcast, trying yoga or having a de-clutter? It all counts.

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