Monday Mojo – Break The Rules

When was the last time you broke the rules?

I don’t mean the law; I’m talking about those ‘rules’  which make life restrictive.

The ones that include the word “should”.  The ones that leave us feeling unfulfilled. The ones that make life a bit, well…dull. And the ones that, in all seriousness, can create more harm than good.

Whatever you think of the Royal Family, you’d be hard pressed to miss the positive impact that particularly Kate, William and Harry have had on discussions around mental health.  But have you noticed it’s because they’re not following protocol? The media recently reported that when a widow started to talk about suicide to the Duke of Sussex, during the tour of Australia,  his entourage said it was time to move on. He said “no”.

This matters.

It opened a conversation about mental health. It raised awareness of suicide and those left behind. And by breaking the rules, he changed them.

This week, set the intention to Break the Rules. Work out what’s holding you back in life, and who wrote your rules. Are you standing in your own way, or have you been passed down a rule book that just doesn’t make any sense any more? Think about your shoulds, and see if they’re stopping you from achieving your goals.  And if the rules of the game can be changed, play it to your advantage. 

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