Monday Mojo – Take It On

What do you do when you’re faced with making a tough decision? Decisions and problems present themselves in many ways. Just when we think we’ve got all our ducks in a row, something seems to come along to upset the applecart.We each have our own ways of dealing with it.

We might bury our heads in the sand for a bit, and hope it works itself out. Or like I mentioned in last week’s mojo, we might wait for the “right” moment.

Perhaps we say yes when we mean no.

We might ask a friend for advice.

Or just reach for the Jaffa cakes.

Now and then we have to make difficult decisions or create difficult situations, to face whatever the problem might be. It can be exhausting, especially if it feels like you’re facing one challenge after another. Which is why it’s important to tackle what you can, and make time for yourself in the process.

This week set the intention to Take It On. If there’s something you feel needs to be done, start to create a plan of action. Reach out to like-minded people, and get them on board if it’s something bigger than you can deal with on your own. If it’s someone you need to have a word with, role-play what you might say with a close friend and then: deep breath and get it said. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Your opinion matters. If it’s done with kindness, you can make it count. And remember to look after yourself when you do.

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