Monday Mojo – Be Kind to Yourself

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Be Kind to Yourself

Have you noticed how often we beat ourselves up? How many times you say sorry, when it’s not your fault, or blame yourself when something goes wrong, even though you couldn’t have done anything differently.  We feel guilt a LOT. And that’s before others try to lay a guilt trip on us. 

And how many times do you pay others a compliment, but the moment someone says something nice to you, you shrug it off (or think they want something)? It’s okay, we all do it.  But there is another way. 

This week, set the intention to Be Kind to Yourself. Avoid the temptation to beat yourself up when something goes “wrong”, remembering we are all just doing our best really, and usually with good intentions. If someone pays you a compliment, thank them and process what they’ve said with compassion towards yourself. And the next time you go to say sorry, think about why you’re apologising. If it helps, start the sentence with “Thank you” instead. E.g. Someone asks you out and you don’t want to go? Instead of saying “sorry” just say “Thank you for asking. I can’t make it, maybe next time?”

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