Monday Mojo – Feel the Feels

Recently in my classes, I’ve been talking a lot about “common humanity” – this is a term used to explain that around the world there are two things that unite us all: • We all want to be happy• We all want to be free from painI believe in this, because I haven’t met aContinue reading “Monday Mojo – Feel the Feels”

Managing a Noisy Mind: Three Top Tips for Calming Anxious Thoughts

This article was written before the coronavirus outbreak. An article specific to COVID and anxiety is here. A certain amount of anxiety is normal. When you’re preparing for a presentation at work, or need to have a difficult conversation, it’s normal to have a healthy anticipation which allows you to plan what you’ll say, andContinue reading “Managing a Noisy Mind: Three Top Tips for Calming Anxious Thoughts”