Workplace Support: Employee Assistance and Professional Supervision in Milton Keynes

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Companies are starting to find call-centre EAP support isn’t what staff want, and inevitably is rarely accessed. Although it may “tick the box” where employee policy relates to staff welfare, people would prefer the opportunity of face-to-face or telephone sessions with an independent, qualified professional who can remain impartial.

I offer employee assistance for the workplace through my private practice in Bedford and Milton Keynes, and over the telephone. Organisations can can refer through their occupational health team, or individuals can self refer, with an invoice going back to the company if that’s what they choose.  Client confidentiality is maintained.

Workplace Training

I offer bespoke training packages on understanding mental health for managers and other topics including wellbeing and mindfulness for employees, in micro-sessions or full day delivery. To find out more about training events for your workplace click here or use the form below to get in touch.

What people say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was insightful and certainly made me stop and think about how easily stress builds up in both your personal and work life. If we were to include a session every month here in the office, then I would definitely be up for it.”

Supervision for Professionals

According to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)’s Ethical Framework, supervision is a “specialised form of professional mentoring for individuals.”

If you’re managing staff in a high pressured environment, working in a therapeutic setting or providing support to vulnerable people, supervision offers a healthy option which focuses on staff well-being, with potential benefits for both the individual and the organisation.

Workplace coaching and supervision provides the opportunity to talk within the remit of confidentiality, with a qualified professional about caseloads and boundaries. Discussions can include themes of work, sharing best practice and highlighting areas of concern or potential distress, with referrals to safeguarding where necessary. It can also encourage attendees to reflect and measure the quality of their own work, develop new skills and feel supported by their peers.

Available 1-1 and as a group.

This service will be ideal for:

  • Mental health professionals, support workers and staff working in a therapeutic setting
  • HR business managers, line managers and team leaders
  • hospice teams, and those working with vulnerable client groups, such as police officers and paramedics

How can this help?

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) states that supervision ‘is provided to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken’. (BACP 2016b)”

My background

I have worked in a therapeutic setting for over 15 years.  I started my therapeutic career in bereavement, supporting those bereaved by murder and suicide.  For over five years, I have worked in the community helping people recover from poor mental health.  I have my own private practice in Milton Keynes, am BACP registered and receive my own regular supervision.  (You can find out more about me and my career here).

Alternatively you may wish to book a private talking therapy session.

This service doesn’t replace formal procedures to report safeguarding issues;  professionals should follow their own workplace policies if concerned about the health and wellbeing of an individual.

Published by Delphi Ellis

Therapeutic counsellor, well-being trainer and author working with grief and mental health, helping people get their sparkle back. Explores dreams on telly. Avid tea drinker. © Delphi Ellis - Helping You Sparkle™ 2006 - 21

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