Stress Awareness Month – Top Tips – Get away from the chaos

April is Stress Awareness Month – here’s top tip #9: Get away from all the chaos.  In this busy life that won’t slow down, its easy to get caught up in the noise and the chaos of the world around you. If you don’t have a holiday planned, that’s okay. Getting away from all theContinue reading “Stress Awareness Month – Top Tips – Get away from the chaos”

Stress – the (not so) silent enemy

Samantha went out to work one day, even though she didn’t feel so good.  She’d already been to the doctors the week before (he’d said there was nothing wrong with her), but every day she felt more tired, sick, headachey and just…not really herself.  Her friend told her she’d snapped a couple of times, although Samantha didn’tContinue reading “Stress – the (not so) silent enemy”