Career Coaching in Milton Keynes

Turn your to-dos into ta-dahs!

Do you have a career that fulfills you? Do you work in a busy organisation, trying to do more with less? Would you benefit from professional support, learning how to manage a heavy workload, knowing when to say “no” (and “yes”) and still find time to be creative, and come up with new ideas?  Would it help to have someone to talk confidentially with?

As a qualified therapist, I work with busy professionals offering Career Coaching in Milton Keynes.  Sessions provide integrated support which can include “brain-storming”, mind maps, deciding action plans and what steps can help you achieve.  

Private and Corporate clients welcome.  Workshops and 1-1 sessions available.

If you’re looking to change jobs (or have been out of the job market for a while), ask me about Work Ready training in your enquiry below. If you’d also benefit from Stress Management Solutions, include this in your message. 

Delphi helped by coaching me in terms of reacting to business situations to help me handle them better, build self-confidence in all situations and stop my chattering mind.  M.

How to book with Delphi

1-1 Sessions (50 minutes) £35 each. Click the button below to pay and you’ll be redirected to instructions to book your appointment. Alternatively get in touch using the form below. 

About Delphi Ellis

Qualified Counsellor, Mental Health and Well-Being Trainer, and Mindfulness Practitioner. Creator of Monday Mojo™. Talks 'Lady Business', raising awareness of factors which predominantly affect Women's Mental Health like pregnancy and domestic abuse. Helping to improve the global conversation, and bring an end to stigma and shaming. Dream Explorer as seen on the telly. Avid tea drinker.

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