I currently deliver the following courses from my portfolio – bespoke training is also available. Courses can be delivered online and face to face. 

  • Relaxation through Mindfulness (8 x up to 90 minute session) – an eight week introduction into mindfulness and how this way of life can boost relaxation and well-being (This course is also known as Present Moment Living)
  • Answers in the Dark – up to three hours; some of the key messages from my book of the same name, exploring some of the Big Myths of Sleep and How to Explore our Dreams
  • Less Stress, More Happiness (3 x up to 90 minutes) – a five week programme offering tips, insights and practical strategies for managing mental health effectively
  • Motivated for Success – ( 3 x 90 minutes) A course looking at being “in the zone” as a pathway to happiness and success 
  • Mindful Living – (3 x 90 minutes) A course exploring different ways mindfulness can be incorporated into everyday life, including sleep and nutrition (This course is also known as Mindfulness for Busy People)
  • Hygge (up to 90 minutes) The Danish Path to Happiness 
  • Shinrin Yoku – (up to 90 minutes) The Japanese Tradition of Forest Bathing 
  • Building a Resilient Mindset (3 x up to 90 minutes) – a five week course explaining what resilience really is, and how to find ways to cope in uncertain times
  • Finding Your Way through Grief – (8 x up to 90 minute peer support sessions), exploring how grief shows up, and how to look after yourself and others who are grieving
  • The Art of Communication – (3 x up to 90 minute sessions), discover effective ways to get your message across and learn tips for when tensions rise.
  • Living With Purpose – (3 x up to 90 minutes), explores what it means to feel fulfilled and helps create a vision for the future.
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence (3 x up to 90 minutes) – find out what we really mean by self-esteem and ways to feel more confident in what you do.

Content is suitable for people looking to maintain and sustain their well-being. If you are experiencing the impact of trauma, or have more severe and enduring mental health considerations, please discuss with your mental health team to check course suitability before enrolling.

Mindful Leadership Development – an eight week programme for employees who are ready to inspire and motivate teams, through mindfulness training. Click here for details or complete the form below for a quote.

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