Monday Mojo – Make the Decision

Have you got a decision to make?

It might not be a big one. You might be thinking about what to get a loved one for Christmas. Whether or not to go out at the weekend. Or just thinking about what to have for tea. 

But there’s something about choice isn’t there. When we’re presented with different opportunities, we might worry that we get it wrong. Especially when it’s a “bigger” decision, like taking a new job, leaving a relationship or telling a friend that they’ve crossed a line. Sometimes we stay where we are because the “comfort” of what we know is “better” than the fear of what we don’t.

And there’s real science behind this. We know that the brain is hard-wired to do things that feel safe, not scary. Change is the latter, so we instinctively avoid the things that can make us wobble. And of course when we feel stuck, we can lose a bit of sparkle.

So what do we do?

This week, maybe set the intention to Make the Decision. Even if you don’t know which choice to make just yet, start with a goal that you will make a decision one way or the other by the end of the day/this week/this month. Setting a time scale can help you think about what you need to make your decision and particularly what’s getting in the way. 

This article also offers different ideas which can make decisions a little easier. Things like talking it through with a friend, noting how you feel when you think about life after the decision (eg is it excitement or dread) or thinking about how you’ll feel if you don’t make the choice you have in mind. Similar to flipping a coin, you can also write the choices on different pieces of paper, then put them in a hat. Then pick one, and if you feel disappointed with the option, your decision may well have been made.

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