Monday Mojo – Take the Break

How relaxed are you feeling right now?

You might think that’s a daft question with all that’s happening in the world right now, so I’ll explain why I’m asking.

When lockdown first happened, I got a sense that many were feeling the pressure to keep up.  Many were forced to work from home, and carry on at the same pace, whilst navigating their way through a global crisis.

People said they were feeling the pressure to be at their desks for 9am, even though their ‘desk’ was now the dining room table. I heard people saying they felt they should be working at their usual rate of productivity, all whilst juggling home schooling or caring for an elderly relative, and turning up for yet another virtual pub quiz to seem sociable. Those that were furloughed or shielding felt like they should be doing something. Essentially, people were feeling the strain; maybe you can relate. And the idea of taking a break just felt, well.. wrong.

In this article, the author suggests taking annual leave during lockdown is more important than ever – but we’ve been avoiding it. Lucinda Gordon Lennox explains “our assumption that we don’t need to take a break – because our lives already feel like they’re on hold – means we’re leading ourselves to a point of exhaustion.”

When faced with a dilemma, or when things are difficult, we might enter a battle in our minds of “I can’t do this” or I should do that”. But instead of putting our thoughts or choices in the box of “good” or “bad”, maybe we can find a way to be kinder to ourselves.

In this article, Susan David explains to stop the tug-of-war, simply drop the rope. Instead of thinking “I shouldn’t be feeling this. Why can’t I be more positive?” and piling on the judgement, we could try saying ourselves, “I’m feeling sad. What is this sadness a signpost of? What is it pointing to that’s important to me? What is it teaching me?”

This week, set the intention to Take the Break. Whether it’s taking time for your morning cuppa, an evening off cooking a meal, or a few days to rest and recover, take the time out that you need. Make an appointment with yourself in your diary, and align your calendar so that you can give yourself the space you need.

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