Monday Mojo – Hold That Thought

Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Hold That Thought

We live in such a technologically advanced and fast-moving world that you would think it makes decision making easier. Thing is, we have access to SO much information ALL the time, we can feel overwhelmed when asked the simplest question. Someone asks you “where do you want to go this weekend?” or “what do you think Lou would like for her birthday?” and the pressure to give an answer right away leaves your mind completely blank. Know that feeling?

And then there’s when you have choices. Someone gives you an “either/or” decision to make and the pressure to give an instant answer leaves us fearful of giving the wrong one. 

This week, set the intention to Hold That Thought. 

Although we live in a world that has the power to respond immediately, it’s unlikely that any decision you feel you have to make needs to be made exactly at that moment. It’s okay to ask for time to think about it (even if someone asks you what you want for dinner). Unless you’re an emergency responder, making life-saving decisions, it can probably wait. 

The same goes for when you’re angry, excited, stressed or fearful – these are not the times to be making important decisions. Even when you’re in a low mood, your vibes – the frequency your brain is vibrating at – are unlikely to show you’re in a relaxed state. So taking a step back might be the most helpful thing you can do. 

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