Monday Mojo™: Insight, Inspiration and Intention for the Week Ahead – Check out the new website!

After five years of producing a weekly newsletter by email and through this website, and around five years before that sending wisdom straight to your inbox, Monday Mojo™ has now moved to a new home!

You can now find the short version of your weekly insight, inspiration and intention for the week ahead here and on SoundCloud. You can also find Monday Mojo™ on Twitter (use the verified hashtag #MondayMojo if you share from there). Be sure to check it out!

When you subscribe to Monday Mojo™ by email, you also get an extended version (including a video and articles) and receive exclusive access to free resources (subject to availability).

If you are an existing subscriber, the Monday Mojo™ VIP area has also moved. Click here to access the page, the password is will have been sent to you prior to this announcement. Any problems get in touch.

Published by Delphi

Offers "educational side-bars" which may contain uncomfortable conversations. Been on the telly. © All rights reserved.

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