Serenity – Relaxation for Women in Milton Keynes

Relaxation for busy women in Milton Keynes.

It’s for Women. 

It’s on (or around) the Full Moon.

There is Meditation. 

There is cake.

Serenity – Helping You Sparkle™: A monthly, evening gathering in Milton Keynes, exclusively for women, in peaceful surroundings, dedicated to rest and relaxation.  The evening includes mindfulness and meditation with women coming together.  Introductory cost: £10 per person

Eventbrite - Serenity: Relaxation for Busy Women in Milton Keynes (July 2017)

If you’d like to register for July use the button above or to register your interest or ask a question, please complete the form below. 

Attendees also receive an exclusive, short eBook ‘Finding Serenity’ after the event (not available in the Members Area) along with access to a closed Facebook group to encourage and help their relaxation practice.


There is nothing more powerful than women gathering together and with the demands of busy lives in a world that wants us to do more with less, relaxation is more important than ever. 

Serenity is a monthly, evening gathering dedicated to relaxation and created exclusively for women in beautiful surroundings, hidden in the heart of Milton Keynes.  This gorgeous invitation allows you to carve ‘You-Time’ in to your diary and is ready and waiting for you to accept.

The evening begins with a warm welcome, relaxation activities are then discussed and practiced.  There is then space at the end of the evening for tea, cake and group discussion.

The group is led by Delphi Ellis, a Mindfulness Practitioner and Qualified Therapist.

Spaces are limited.

Occasionally there is gentle movement involved in Serenity, and it is normal for any group taking part in physical activity to be asked questions about their health for insurance purposes.  


© Serenity – Helping You Sparkle 2017™


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