2017 – Just be YOU

In amongst the huge influx of emails I’ve been getting recently about what I should give family and friends for Christmas, I’ve also noticed there’s still a small amount of people online banging the “New Year, New You” drum. 

Before I write anymore I must confess I used to be one of those people. In a time when we felt helpless to affect change, it was the done thing to encourage clients to think about their future with the turning of the year.  To make plans. To make changes – and to see those through. 

But the pressure to be someone or do something is so great these days that, actually, one of the most healthy things a person can do, is just “be”. 

Rather than meet the New Year with a sense of anticipation of what lays ahead (let’s be honest 2016 saw so much horror I don’t think we’ll ever speak of it again) we can greet it with a sense of it being a day, just like any other. It’s okay to have goals and good intentions, but you can start those now, you don’t have to wait for January 1st.  Make a plan, yes, but don’t weigh its chances of success by what day of the year it started.  Measure your motivation – how much do you want this change? If it’s not enough, then come back to it another day. 

If you put anything in your diary for 2017, why not schedule some regular “you” time? Find a quiet space to sit and just “be”.  You’ll feel guilty, that you “should” be doing something, but the only thing you need to do, is be. 

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