What’s in a dream?

Most people I know will remember saying at some point in their lives “I had such a weird dream last night“. In the work I’ve done over around 20 years, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people who’ve shared their dream experiences with me. We know, for sure, that dreams can help us understand ourselves better. But what do we do with them?

This is one of the reasons I wrote Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal. I think that dreams are like friends, trying to give us some insights which we can either choose to acknowledge or ignore. So in the book I explore first some of the big myths of sleep, then offer a Sleep Cycle Repair Kit and then some top tips to help you decode your dreams. Find out more on the book’s dedicated website here.

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Published by Delphi

Offers "educational side-bars" which may contain uncomfortable conversations. Been on the telly. © All rights reserved.

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