Nightmares, Night Terrors and ‘The Old Hag’ in Dreams

Nightmares are otherwise terrifying dreams which may cause you to wake up. There are a number of different reasons for nightmares including medication, lack of sleep, changes in diet but they will often acknowledge that you are going through a period of stress when they occur. Some people may have had nightmares for a long time, others may only experience them after a traumatic event or during a difficult time. 

Nightmares are often trying to get your attention, asking you to acknowledge a particular emotion, event or situation which has been getting the better of you, so that you can take positive action.  (If your dreams are ever affecting your sleep, have a chat with your doctor to see how they can help).

“Old Hag Syndrome” is a night-time phenomenon which is more commonly known today as sleep paralysis. You can read more about this topic in my book Answers In The Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal. You can find out more in the video below or order on Amazon.

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