Serenity for Women

When women come together, incredible things happen.

Serenity is a women’s circle and safe space to come together and enjoy supportive conversation, guided meditation, and tea and cake! This circle has historically been held in Milton Keynes, previously known as Serenity Gatherings™.

During these gatherings, we discuss topics women understand, and use mindfulness meditation as a way to rest and relax. The format for a gathering can include (for example):

Example – Saturday Circle:

  • 10am arrival, refreshments and format of the day
  • 10.15am Discussion topic (usually well-being centred, can include e.g. stress or sleep)
  • 10.45 Guided meditation
  • 11.15am Break
  • 11.30am ‘Pick a Card’ (‘meditation/oracle card’) and Discussion
  • 12pm Guided meditation
  • 12.30pm, tea and cake!

Next Serenity circle is Saturday 8th July. To find out more and to book click the button below.

Poetry, peer support, safe spaces all matter. Being able to get words out and make them mean something helps.

Serenity has helped me to focus, find ‘myself’, go deep within, listen to my inner wisdom and ignore the outer chatter. I look forward to a space to ‘be’ and sparkle more in between times.

~ S, Attendee
Example layout of ‘Serenity’ event.

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