Monday Mojo – Hold Your Ground

Monday Mojo – Feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Hold your ground. 

If you’ve found that people are starting to take advantage of your good nature, you may have fallen into what Anne Dickson refers to as “The Compassion Trap“; when we believe we have to do ALL THE THINGS to keep people, especially those we love, happy. It makes saying no so hard, but sometimes (if not every day) we need to look after our own needs for the sake of our health, and stand firm. 

This week, set the intention to hold your ground. If someone has been taking and not giving, is asking too much or if there’s something you just genuinely don’t want to do, find a way to assertively say no and hold your ground.  You have a right to be heard and a right to make choices with your best interests at heart, so make sure you’re putting yourself on your own priority list. 

(If you’re finding it hard to have difficult conversations with people, you may find Rise of interest.)

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