Spiritual Coaching: for heart-centred people who want to help others

Do you have a calling to help people, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to make a positive difference to others, but would benefit from making peace with yourself first? Do you feel overwhelmed by other people, been told you’re “too sensitive” and feel everything deeply?

Spirituality and mental health go hand in hand. Spiritual health is about a person’s approach to life, their understanding of who they are, where they fit in to the world, what brings them peace and what they bring to the party of life. It’s your values, beliefs, what gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, what nourishes you on a deeper level and what makes you “you”.

Spiritual Coaching offers you the opportunity to explore safely who you are right now, discovering what brings meaning to your life and developing your natural skills for helping others.  It  encompasses every aspect of you, individually and holistically, as a complete person: your mind, body and soul.

This service provides space to explore these areas, whilst encouraging self-compassion, kindness and finding purpose in what you do. It starts with making friends with yourself and moving forward in a heart-centred way, with benefit to all.

This is not a religion-based therapy, it is open to any adult from any faith, or none at all.

How to book with Delphi

Use the button above to receive a discounted rate of £35 per session. Your name will automatically be added to my mailing list to receive this discount and exclusive access to the members area, with free resources available to view – you can unsubscribe at any time.  If you’d rather not subscribe, just complete the form below and I’ll contact you  to arrange an appointment at the full session price of £50 each. Sessions available at my office in Milton Keynes and via Skype.

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