Are you having weird dreams?

 It’s okay if you’ve been having unusual dreams – you’re not alone.  We all dream, every night, even if we don’t remember them – it’s science-y stuff, but nonetheless if you’re sleeping, you’re dreaming.  And your dreams have a story to tell.

At a recent event, I asked people if they’d ever had a weird dream and sure enough most people could remember at least one.  One of the weirdest I ever had was that I appeared in a Scooby Doo movie (I’ve never met anyone else who dreams in cartoon).  Weird dreams, nightmares, recurring dreams are all providing a picture, an opportunity to delve a little deeper, to help you understand what’s going on and, in some cases, what might happen next. People sometimes feel nervous talking about their dreams, but they are a natural and essential part of our health and wellbeing.  

Keeping a dream diary is a great way of remembering and recording your dreams; by doing this you can spot patterns in your dreaming and identify why you have them when you do. If they’re scary, try not to worry, talking to someone can help alleviate your fears and reassure you about their content.  Remember also, to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep – sleep deprivation and your bedroom environment can have an impact on how well you dream.

If you’re interested in dreams and sleep, why not take a look at my dedicated online resource?

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“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, rounded off with a little sleep” ~ William Shakespeare.

Published by Delphi Ellis

Therapeutic counsellor, well-being trainer and author working with grief and mental health, helping people get their sparkle back. Explores dreams on telly. Avid tea drinker. © Delphi Ellis - Helping You Sparkle™ 2006 - 21

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