Monday Mojo – Take It On

Monday Mojo: Feel-good motivation for the week ahead: Take It On. 

Have you noticed how we adapt our behaviour, keep topics ‘off-topic’ and generally dance around the things we need to pay the most attention to, because of the shame or guilt we associate with them? For a long time these topics included our mental health and for many people it still is. But there are other things we can feel guilty about, like standing up for ourselves, having difficult conversations with people we love and asserting our right to be heard. So just for this week, I’m encouraging you to set the intention to Take It On.

Here’s a top tip:

Whatever ‘it’ is, make a plan about how you can look it in the eyes and deal with it head-on. If now isn’t the right time to confront something or someone, then make the plan anyway so you can Take It On when the time is right. (There are free action plan templates in the Members Area when you subscribe ) And, if you need help with having those difficult conversations, take a look at ‘Rise’ in the information below.

Rise by Helping You Sparkle™
Do you feel guilty (or are made to feel guilty) when you say no? Do friends describe you as a ‘people pleaser’ but your own needs aren’t being met? Are you tired of people interrupting or talking over you when you speak? Are you avoiding conflict at the expense of your happiness?

Rise by Helping You Sparkle™ is self-esteem and assertiveness training for women. If you or your company would benefit from assertiveness training, take a look

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