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Your question: Visitations (Dreams about the deceased)

“I have dreamt of someone I loved who has passed away, does this mean they have visited me from the other side?”

Dreaming of a lost loved one often represents the feelings of loss which have manifested because you miss the person who has died. There may be events from your past which involved this person which are still relevant to your present situation, (emotionally, physically, financially and so on) which has then manifested in your dreams as a message for you to acknowledge.  You may have experienced something significant and wished this person was “here” to see it.

There is still much we don’t know about dreams and it’s important to remember when we are dreaming we are in a different state of awareness (we are not unconscious).  Some cultures still believe dreaming is a way to communicate with the dead.

I have also spoken with people who have picked up the ‘phone in their dreams and communicated with a deceased loved one, as if they are still alive today, and the deceased person has provided relevant information about current events (which the dreamer didn’t know).  In these experiences there are common themes which stand out.

People who have been visited by a deceased loved one state, when they wake up they are filled with an incredible feeling of peace – as if something very special has just happened. Several people I’ve spoken with mention this and these dreams ‘stand out’ from other dreams in which their deceased loved ones may have featured.

Remember, if in the dream the loved one is acting out of character, or is being unkind and hurtful in any way, it is unlikely this dream is a visitation but perhaps another message for you to explore, perhaps around an unresolved feeling (like guilt) or conflict from when they were alive.  Speaking with a professional can help you explore these dreams safely and in confidence.

These dreams are not to be confused with death dreams (losing someone you love in a dream.)

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