Awakening Women

It’s been part of my work for years to raise awareness of what can have an impact on women’s mental health; topics like Domestic Abuse and Pregnancy. But even if you haven’t been affected by those things directly, you might still know what I mean when I say that sometimes you get a feeling of not being “okay”.

A lot of this can be to do with our sense of worth, and our rights to be heard. And women are waking to the idea that they do have the right to say what they mean and ask for what they want.

Women are finding their truth, and recognising those feelings that there’s work to be done. (And I don’t mean that pile of ironing, I mean THE work). Of creating a peaceful world to live in. And you know how I know? Because women know.

This doesn’t mean making big changes at work or at home, just that you might be awakening to a sense of purpose and are starting to think about where to even begin. As a pointer, I’m going to suggest it starts with your health.

It doesn’t matter how well you eat or how much exercise you take, if you feel deep down you’re not worthy of love and affection – or that you’re not “good enough” – your health can suffer. Many women I’ve met tell me they feel like they always seem to fall short of what other people want. Can you relate?

This is why many of the services I offer are tailored to helping women feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. Offerings like Rise (dynamic training for empathic, awakening women who want to heal their hurts, find their voice and create a peaceful world to live in) and Serenity (a monthly evening gathering exclusively for Women dedicated to rest and relaxation).

It’s also why I started Women’s Wisdom, a weekly email exclusively for empathic, awakening women, containing a positive message to motivate and inspire.  (You can subscribe to that here). 

Rise is also available as a 1-1 service.  To find out more about how to book, or when the next event is being held, just complete the contact form below.