Mindfulness Classes 

Do you want to learn a tried-and-tested technique that can use at work or at home, to help reduce stress, manage anxiety, improve concentration and help you sleep better?

Delphi knows her stuff!  I felt I was in safe hands and have been able to use the techniques she taught me with good results.  (Client feedback).

Relaxation Classes (through dedicated resource: Kindfully)

Private and Corporate clients welcome. 

Serenity is a monthly evening gathering exclusively for women in Milton Keynes dedicated to rest and relaxation. Click here for details. 

Delphi is a qualified Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner/Teacher.  She has been trained from original Buddhist texts and practices these techniques daily.  Mindfulness is not an exclusive, religious practice – it is a way of life which anyone can enjoy, and feel the benefits. 

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What is Mindfulness? 

Have you ever driven your car to work and not remembered the journey? This “automatic pilot” is what many of us experience, we stop being able to appreciate life as it’s moving around us, and the busy world we live in starts to take its toll. This is where Mindfulness can help. It keeps our awareness in the present moment and the benefits include reducing stress, improved concentration and better sleep.  Read more about Mindfulness on my dedicated website: Kindfully  Private and Corporate clients welcome. 

Delphi, Thank you for listening to me, your calmness, your empathy and the techniques you taught me to help with my anxiety. They have been invaluable and I will continue to use them. Thank you for helping me find my sparkle. ~ Debbie. 

Free factsheet on Mindfulness here

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