Let’s Talk Lady Business

A dedicated website set up by Delphi Ellis as part of steps to raise awareness of current challenges which affect female health and wellbeing. This includes subjects like period poverty and menopause but also shaming, exploitation and domestic abuse. You can read more about the mission and vision of this website here.

You can read more about how Delphi is hoping to create change that lasts here.

The website was founded on the belief that many things can be agreed, understood and shared through helpful, meaningful dialogue, and promoting choice.

We understand there are many conversations about the “right” way to talk about gendered language. We choose to use the word female in the main but interchange this with women and people who menstruate – this article by Clue explains more*. As we hear more from communities about the most helpful way to talk about this topic using an intersectional approach, we will update terminology accordingly. 

* Links to which this article refer are not an endorsement, simply that you may find their content if interest.

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