The Community Wellness Initiative

The Community Wellness Initiative was developed by Delphi Ellis in 2018, to promote and deliver local peer-led support.  In a country where statutory services and charities are under immense resourcing strain, this self-funded project aims to enable people to access support in their local area more effectively.

You can read more about Delphi and her work here.

What does peer support look like?

Peer support means that the services are attended and where possible facilitated by like-minded people.  If you’ve had an experience of bereavement, the groups you’ll attend will have other people attending who have been bereaved.  People interact with each other, share feelings and conversations.

Peer support can be formal and informal.  Some groups will meet informally for a coffee and a general chat.  Others will be focused on recovery through more formal support like peer mentoring.  You can find out more about peer mentoring here.

Why peer support

There is a growing amount of evidencethat when like-minded people come together, the effectiveness of talking, and sharing experiences, enables recovery.  That doesn’t mean that 1-1 counselling or other interventions don’t help.  Just that where there is an opportunity for people to talk and share, this has proven to be helpful.

How much does it cost?

As this is a self-funded project, costs like room hire and refreshments still have to be covered although we engage in other activities to try to raise funds for this initiative.  Where possible groups and 1-1 services are offered free or by donation, see each section for details.

The Community Wellness Initiative is launching on Time to Talk Day, 7th February 2019

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