Online Services

If you’re nervous about attending an event or booking a 1-1, you might like some of my resources available to purchase and access online.

These include:

The Mindfulness Starter Kit – This pack is available via my Kindfully website, dedicated to the topic of mindfulness

Mindfulness for Dreamy Sleep – This pack is available via my website dedicated to the subject of dreams and sleep.

The Serenity Self-Care Toolkit – This pack is available via my Women in Serenity™ website, topics women understand, dedicated to promoting self-care through mindfulness

“Serenity has helped me to focus, find ‘myself’, go deep within, listen to my inner wisdom and ignore the outer chatter. I look forward to a space to ‘be’ and sparkle more in between times.” Client feedback

Please click the links above to find out more about each of these packs, or send your enquiry below.  For details of face to face services I provide including workshops and 1-1 sessions, click here.

Out Now!

My new clothing range raising money for UK charity Rethink. Click the image below.

Please note that packs can be withdrawn at any time, services are subject to availability.  Terms and conditions apply, see relevant pack for details.

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