Rise is dynamic training for empathic, awakening women who want to heal their hurts, find their voice, and create a peaceful world to live in.   It offers effective strategies for personal development and moving forward including assertiveness training, healthy communication and empowerment. 

Do you feel guilty (or are made to feel guilty) when you say no?  Do friends describe you as a ‘people pleaser’ but your own needs aren’t being met? Are you tired of people interrupting or talking over you when you speak? Are you avoiding conflict at the expense of your happiness? 

Next Rise course September 2017. Click here for details. 

Services are available 1-1 and in group settings, available to private and corporate clients.  Please send you enquiry to find out when the next events are running or join my mailing list here to be kept up to date. 

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Assertiveness Training

Mindful Communication

Solution Focused Coaching

If you would like to improve your confidence and self-esteem you may also find Talking Therapy helpful.  

Learn how to have healthy conversations, asserting your right to be heard (even in awkward moments or with ‘difficult’ people) and is aimed at improving your confidence to hold empowering and effective discussions.

Find your voice. Be heard. Feel empowered.

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