Bereavement Counselling

I started my therapeutic career providing bereavement support and working particularly with those bereaved by murder and suicide.   This included supporting clients through the inquest process and attending coroners court.

There are many different ways you may recognise you’re grieving. You may find yourself feeling angry one minute and completely lost the next. You may cry all the time or have not been able to – or wanted to – cry at all. You may be having trouble sleeping or just want to sleep all the time. There is no right or wrong to how you experience grief, it is unique to you but talking to someone can help.

FREE factsheet on Bereavement and Loss

I offer a 1-1 therapeutic service for people who have experienced all kinds of loss (like redundancy and divorce) and the death of a loved one, and would like to make sense of their grief, to begin the process of getting their sparkle back.

There are charities in Bedford and Milton Keynes who offer free listening services for the bereaved.  You may wish to explore these first before considering paying for this service.

Group learning is available on this topic for those working with the bereaved in a Corporate or Private setting.

How to book with Delphi

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Fees: £40 per session. Session time: 50 minutes.