How can I help you?

Helping you Sparkle™ aims to be a leading provider of private, professional therapy and training services in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing using practical, ethical, drug-free strategies.

Services include (click link for more info):

Book an Event – tailored workshops

Assertiveness Training

Bereavement Counselling

Solution Focused Coaching

Dream Therapy


Pregnancy Mental Health

Stress Management

Talking Therapy

Workshops and Events

Spiritual Coaching

I am a qualified and registered therapist and trainer, CBT and mindfulness practitioner, stress management consultant and assertiveness skills coach.  Services are also suitable in pregnancy, and available in 1-1 sessions or as group learning.

For information about the benefits of seeking help click here.

There are charities in Bedford and Milton Keynes which provide free listening services.  You may wish to explore these before paying for services advertised here.

How to book with Delphi

Existing clients and subscribers receive a discounted rate of £35 per session.  (Before discount rate  £45 an hour). 

With Delphi’s help, I have a new perspective on life and the strength to face new and challenging things in a positive way.  B.