As a woman, you know what it’s like trying to keep everyone else happy, whilst juggling work and home life – it can leave you drained and frustrated. Perhaps you’ve been sacrificing your own needs to keep everyone else happy – now, it’s time for you.

Shine is a half day workshop tailored exclusively for busy women who want to find their mojo and get their sparkle back.

Sometimes you just have to straighten your tiara and show them who they’re dealing with

You will learn:

  • Stress Solutions for Busy People
  • How to Build your Confidence
  • The ‘real‘ meaning of happiness
  • How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Putting Yourself First
  • Cost: £45 per person
  • Date: to be announced
  • You might also like Rise workshop for building resilience, and empowering communication, or attend both workshops in one day and save £15! Find out more here.
  • To express your interest in this event, please complete the form below – you will be contacted during office hours.
  • Dates may be subject to change.

    If you’ve attended Shine, you might like the Rise workshop or attend both, in the same day.

  • Prices subject to change. There is a cancellation policy for all events. Please ask for details.
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